Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Magical Girl Anime

The first Magical Girl anime that I've seen and was my number one anime was Sailormoon. I borrowed a How To Draw Magical Girl Anime Book from my cousin JQ (J'Quaya) and as the name says it reaches you how to draw Magical Girl Anime. If you ever wanted to make one yourself these where the basic things you needed for it to become a Magical Girl Anime. Well first off all Magical Girl Anime or MGA start off with a girl usually around the ages of 13 and 15 at the least. She supposedly lives a normal life going to school hanging out with friends ect and either she likes her life the way it is and wants nothing changed or she has problems that noone can seem to solve so she asks for help sorta like making a wish and thats when the Cute Helper appears. Now the helper is a adorable creature and can be anything from a cat to a ferret or maybe a cross between certain animals it all up to the creator. Now the helper doesn't always have to be an animal it could be a fairy or tiny person.

Once this girl meets this Cute Helper she suddenly finds trouble looking for her and the only way to deal with it is to transform into a warrior of any sort and again the warrior depends on what the creator whats to make her and at first she isn't sure what to do and thats when either the one sent the Cute Helper or the Cute Helper themselfs explain to the girl about what to do and usually when they transform they instinctively know what to do. Thats basiclly how a MGA starts off and after that sometimes the heroine already has close friends who later on end up becoming warriors too or she wouldn't have any friends til later on and end up finding out that her freinds had the same power.

Oh yeah I forgot one of the main parts of  MGA. The heroine usually has a boy that she may like. Sometimes just to give the viewers something to come back to it'll appears as if the heroine likes that particular character and ends up being that it was the one she fights with the most.

Over the years I've watched a couple of Magical Girl Anime and one of them was so good to me that it surpassed Sailormoon. Its call Ojamajo Doremi (Japanese) and Magical Doremi (English). Here are a list of the ones that I've been watching you should check'em out.

Oh and this most wouldn't have even thought but did you know that the Powerpuff Girls that we see in America isn't the original Powerpuff Girls and that it was actually a Magical Girl Anime. It is actually called.....

Demashitta Powerpuff Girls Z

I've never seen the Powerpuff Girls like that before. Why don't you check it out.

My favorite is when they transform check these out. Warning for those who want to watch it themselfs there will be some spoilers.

Sailormoon Transformation

Ojamajo Doremi Transformation

Shugo Chara Transformation

Tokyo Mew Mew

Pretty Sammy

Card Captor Sakura Transfomation

Wedding Peach Transformation

Pichi Pichi Pichi Mermaid Melody Transformation

Demashitta Powerpuff Girls Z Transfomation

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