Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chronicles of Crystal Creations: How It Started

Have you ever wanted to see something on Tv like maybe a character with a specific personality or maybe to have a certain look? Well when Sonic X first came out or atleast when I first saw it, it was everything I wanted in a cartoon show. Animals involved in an action slash adventure which was full of mystery somewhat. Plus they could talk and had special abilities. When I saw that I knew exactly what I wanted to do in the future. Which was to make characters for SEGA and I actually made one. Her name was Shena and she resembled Sonic in every way. Doesn't sound very creative but I purposely did that to make the story interesting. Since Amy likes Sonic I thought what would happen if Sonic met someone who was just as competitive as him.

I thought it would be fun to see them going back and forth but then I started wanting something more at first I thought I'd wait and see what someone else would come up with hoping that it be atleast close to what I wanted which never happened. So then I started drawing a whole bunch of feline characters. Because my brothers and I were going to make up our own characters. I drew domestic cats, my brother Alu drew lions (Since those were his favorite), and I think my other brother Karum drew tigers.

We drew so much that we didn't really know what to do with them then the family suggested that we make a show out of them. I thought alot about it but I didn't know where to start or even how to do it so I ended up stopping and that's when I meet my by best friend Amber Tatiana Hayden. Well before we actually met them we were friends with another family and by knowing them is how we actually got to meet Amber and her family. Usually most of my friends were younger than me so I wasn't really used to talking to older children which was why I atempted to make friends with her younger sister Amirah but she was to shy at the time.

So as I was on my way to a particular  room Amber happened to be coming from the direction I was headed (I was avoiding her) so as I walked by I shifted my gaze to the floor and tried to walk past her but she stopped in front of me and asked if  I wanted to be her friend and thats how our friendship started.

After that we became close almost instantly they came and visited us and we visited them then after my summer vacation when I came back home my friends where there to greet me and that wasn't the only reason they were there. What made it so happy was that they were living with us so I got to see my friend everyday. I told her about the characters that were in my head that I wanted to make but I wanted the first time I draw them to be exactly what I saw. So all I did was talk about them like how they looked so cool and how I wish I could draw them and the same anwser that I always got was "Just Draw It." and after I don't know how long I finally sat down with some paper and a pencil and drew my characters. Thats how all of this started sadly I don't have my first character picture but I'll never forget what it looked like. My first characters were Ace and Blizzard who became popular among my friends and myself. I've come along way and its all thanks to my family and my best friend Amber Tatiana Hayden who has characters of her own.

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