Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Getu, Neko, Gato, Cat

If anyone were to ask me what my favorite animal is without even having to think CATS! Big and small to me they're all so cute. My favorite movie in the entire world is non other than The Cat Returns. Everything about that movie is exciting to me. I don't think it right when in most things the cat is the bad guy and always gets hurt or out smarted. Since when does a mouse out smart a cat?  From what I heard when a cat faces a dog it gives'em a few scars atleast I know one time some people stole our cat and took'em to their house and they had a dog and the next day they came giving our cat back saying that it was attacking their dog. Not all cats just sit there and let themselfs get beat up.

Some years ago I had a cat that gave birth to the same amount of kittens there were children in the house and we named them after us but sadly one of them died. The ones who survived where Safiyyah, Isaiah, Karum, Alu and you know what made them more special than any cat I've had in my life was the fact that they had our personalities from then. The one named after me had one other special thing she was the best at everything. We would compete to see who was best and no matter what we did Safiyyah was always first. Climbing, Speed, Strength. Safiyyah was a female like me and she had calico fur. Her brother Alu was black and white and was the second best. Next was Isaiah he was a big lump of fur literally he was also all black and last but not least Karum AKA Scardy Cat. That was just how my brother was back then and the kitten pick it up, he was gray all over. I will never forget them. If you have anything you want to say please do so I'd like to hear your cat stories and how you feel about the way they portray them on tv (Cartoons)

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